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Whatsapp Has Launched Touch ID to iOS devices

WhatsApp updated with fingerprint lock to iPhone

Whatsapp Touch ID
Whatsapp Touch ID lock

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has finally launched its Screen Locking feature on iPhone. WhatsApp frequently produces more features to its users, and now it brings the introduction of Touch ID and Face ID support.

Whatsapp Finally Introduced Touch id/ Face id/ Passcode lock (Screen Lock) to iOS devices.

Whatsapp Touch ID lock

It is a much anticipated features since its launch. Many users have requested this feature for many years. This Passcode lock feature will benefit lots of iphone users. This will gives some security to the users who shares their mobile to their friends.

The Touch ID feature was in the beta mode. After the successful testing of the app in the beta mode. It has released the official update to the Apple App Store.

It can be activated by updating your whatsapp to the version 2.19.20 in the appstore.

“When the touch ID is enabled, you’ll need to use Touch ID to unlock Whatsapp. You can still reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked.”

Whatsapp Touch ID lock
WhatsApp Screen Lock

Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and tap Screen Lock. There you can enable Touch id/Face id . There you are provided with options like Immediately, After 1 minute, After 15 minutes and After 1 hour. You can choose the desired time limit.

Whatsapp Touch ID lock
Touch ID

Whatsapp has 1.5 billion monthly active users in the world.

As of now it is only enabled on iphone devices.

There is no information as to whether the Android devices will get the app authentication function, though Android users can definitely anticipate the function to come to Android devices because all WhatsApp’s highlights have been available to both iOS and Android devices from the very beginning.

Note that no information concerning your fingerprint and passcode are given to WhatsApp, because of the very restricted iOS APIs, because it’s something controlled by the system itself.

Whatsapp Has Launched Touch ID/ Face ID/ Passcode lock to iOS devices

Whatsapp Touch ID

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